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Amateur Radio Quiz: Forming Attachments


By H. Ward Silver, N0AX

Critical to almost all aspects of successfully making contacts are the contacts -- or rather, the connections between contacts -- that allow electrons to scurry back and forth (and back and forth) carrying on our conversations. Pin down each question and socket to ’em!

1) Which of the following are types of crimp terminals?
a. Ring
b. Fork
c. Spoon
d. Spade

2) “Red Right Up” refers to the standard configuration of which type of connector?
a. Molex
b. Powerpole
c. Phono
d. Terminal strip

3) What word describes the current-carrying rating of a wire?
a. Ampacity
b. Conductance
c. Susceptance
d. Live load limit

4) In which direction should a wire be wrapped around a screw terminal?
a. The direction that the screw is turned to loosen it.
b. The direction that the screw is turned to tighten it.
c. The wire strands should be split and wrapped in both directions.
d. Direction of wrapping doesn’t matter.

5) Which type of connector has contacts labeled “tip,” “ring” and “sleeve”?
a. Phono
b. Type F
c. Banana plug
d. Phone

6) What are the colors for standard single-phase ac wiring in the United States?
Hot: ______________
Neutral: ______________
Ground: ______________

7) Which connector is often used for low-power RF signals in coaxial cable?
a. D-type
b. 5-pin DIN
c. Phono
d. 6-pin trailer

8) Which terminal of a cartridge-style fuse holder should be connected to the hot circuit?
a. Front
b. Rear
c. Internal ring
d. Hot circuits are never fused, only neutral

9) Why does it matter that the ac circuit is connected to a cartridge-style fuse holder terminal?
a. To protect against accidentally blowing the fuse when it is removed.
b. To prevent electrical shock from touching the fuse.
c. Cartridge fuses are threaded and have to be unscrewed.
d. It prevents leakage current when the device is turned off.

10) To what does the size dimension of a coaxial power connector apply?
a. OD
b. Center pin diameter
c. Connector depth
d. Maximum wire size

Bonus Question: What is the function of a UHF-series “barrel”?

1) a, b, and d
2) b is the standard configuration for 12 V connections
3) a
4) b, so that the screw head pulls the wire around the terminal as it is tightened.
5) d (see
6) Hot -- black; Neutral -- white; Ground -- bare or green
7) c (see
8) b
9) b -- Connecting the hot circuit to the rear terminal means that the fuse contacts are disconnected as the fuse is being removed.
10) b

Bonus Answer: A “barrel” adaptor (PL-258) is a double-receptacle used for joining two cables that have PL-259 connectors installed.



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