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Amateur Radio Quiz: Watts In a Name?


1) When Ray Charles sang a song featuring this place's name, I don't think his mind was on this country.

2) This African country has the same name as one of England's currencies.

3) Which North African country was incorporated into the name of a famous jazz standard?

4) These two DXCC entities lie in different oceans, but have the exact same holiday name!

5) This flightless bird shares its name with a deleted DXCC entity.

6) These Pacific Islands bear the name of a wise king.

7) The name of this country also refers to a straw hat popular at the beginning of the twentieth century.

8) Surprisingly, this African country figured prominently in the 2000 US election.

9) This island is the favorite of Short Wave Listeners (SWLs).

10) What Pacific island gets you up in the morning and what deleted DXCC entity keeps you awake?

11) Name the ugly duckling that grew up to become a deleted DXCC entity.

12) You can dress yourself in clothing bearing the names of these two entities.

13) This is another pair of island DXCC entities sharing a holiday's name, but in different languages.

14) What African DXCC entity has the sweetest song?

15) In colonial times, these Pacific Islands were named for the English earl who invented a famous lunchtime meal.

Bonus: What noteworthy world events occurred when the cook dropped the platter holding Thanksgiving dinner?



1) Georgia, 4L
2) Guinea, 3X
3) Tunisia, 3V (A Night in Tunisia)
4) Christmas Islands (T32 in the Pacific and VK9 in the Indian)
5) Penguin Island, ZS0
6) Solomon Islands, H4
7) Panama, HP
8) Chad, TT
9) Heard Island, VK0
10) Wake Island, KH9, and Java PK1
11) Swan Island, KS4
12) Jersey, GJ, and Bermuda (shorts), VP9
13) Ascension (ZD8) and Easter (CE0) Islands
14) Canary Islands (EA8)
15) The Sandwich Islands, now the Hawaiian Islands (KH6)

Bonus: The downfall of Turkey, the ruination of Greece, the destruction of China and the resurgence of Hungary.

H. Ward Silver, N0AX
Contributing Editor



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