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ARRL Seeks News Editor


ARRL is seeking a ham with a professional journalism background to handle ARRL’s news function on a contract, remote basis. Candidates for ARRL News Editor should be plugged into the ham radio community, with a broad awareness of the major players (past and present) and the main issues (past, present, and potentially future) in the world of ham radio. Ideally, candidates will have professional journalism experience — in particular, having a well-developed sense of knowing a potential news story when they see one, as well as how and where to research leads.

The News Editor creates news stories that are posted on ARRL’s home page, and is responsible for publishing the weekly e-newsletter, The ARRL Letter, which is populated mainly by those stories and augmented by some special weekly material (a solar weather report, a contest calendar, a conventions calendar, etc.).

The News Editor is also responsible for creating the ARRL Audio News, a weekly audio show that presents stories from the home page and The ARRL Letter, and assembles the most relevant stories from ARRL home page into QST’s monthly “Happenings” column.

For more information, contact ARRL Publications & Editorial Manager Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY.



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