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Australian Hams May Keep 2300-2302 MHz


The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) reports that radio amateurs in Australia may win a reprieve for the 2300-2302 MHz amateur band, which is under threat from spectrum licensing.

In February 2013, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), Australia’s equivalent to the FCC, released a discussion paper proposing to withdraw the 2300-2302 MHz amateur allocation so that 2300-2400 MHz could be re-allocated to licensed users. The WIA responded by seeking to have a 150 kHz segment — 2300 to 2300.15 MHz — retained for the Amateur Service on at least a co-primary basis.

The ACMA reported receiving 124 comments on the discussion paper, an overwhelming number objecting to the ACMA’s proposal. The ACMA has advised that, after considering the comments, the Amateur Service likely would be unable to retain co-primary status if 2300 to 2400 MHz were spectrum licensed. The ACMA said, however, that it will work closely with the WIA to “test whether a coexistence licensing arrangement might be developed under §138 of the Radiocommunications Act.” That section provides for a so-called “class” license to be issued within spectrum-licensed bands where it would not result in unacceptable levels of interference to equipment operated under the spectrum license.

The WIA says it looks forward to working with the ACMA to achieve a positive outcome for the 2300-2302 MHz band in Australia. — Roger Harrison, VK2ZRH (a Director of the WIA and member of its Spectrum Strategy Committee)



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