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Canada to Get Five 60 Meter Channels


Industry Canada has granted Amateur Radio operators there the use of five 60 meter channels on a non-interference basis. The center-channel frequencies harmonize with those available to US radio amateurs on 60 meters: 5332 kHz, 5348 kHz, 5358.5 kHz, 5373 kHz, and 5405 kHz.

“[G]iven that use of these frequencies was requested, in part, to allow for cross-border communications in times of emergency,” Industry Canada said, “harmonization of the frequencies with the United States would facilitate such communications between the Canadian and the US Amateur Radio communities.”

Amateur stations will be restricted to USB, data, RTTY and CW modes, with a maximum bandwidth of 2.8 kHz, and a maximum power output of 100 W ERP — the same the US allows.

Canadian amateur operations shall not cause interference to fixed and mobile operations in Canada or in other countries,” Industry Canada ruled, “and, if such interference occurs, the Amateur Service may be required to cease operations. The Amateur Service in Canada may not claim protection from interference by the fixed and mobile operations of other countries.” — Thanks to Industry Canada and Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN




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