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DX Engineering Acquires Bencher, Butternut Antenna Product Lines


DX Engineering has acquired Bencher’s Skyhawk, Skylark, and Butternut antenna product lines. Headquartered in Talmadge, Ohio, DX Engineering announced on December 5 that it will exclusively manufacture and market the three antenna lines as well as provide service, repairs, and replacement parts. The deal did not include the Bencher line of CW keyer paddles. 

The Skyhawk is a trap-free tribander for 20, 15, 10 meters. The Skylark is a dual-band Yagi for 17 and 12 meters. Butternut HF verticals come in 9-band, 6-band, and 2-band models. 

Bencher, headquartered in Antioch, Illinois, had acquired the Butternut product line in the 1990s.