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DXCC Desk Approves Seven Operations for Credit


In June, the DXCC approved seven operations for DXCC credit. On June 21, the 2012 TT8ES (Chad) operation, the XX9E (Macao) operation and the 2011 TL9EL (Central African Republic) were approved. On June 25, the 2012 XW4XR (Laos) operation was approved. On June 26, the 2010 J28RO (Djibouti) operation, the 2011 J25DXA (Djibouti) operation and the 2012 5X1RO (Uganda) operation have been approved. “If you had cards that were recently rejected for these operations, please send an e-mail to the ARRL DXCC Desk,” Moore said. “Please note that due to extremely heavy e-mail, DXCC staff may not respond to your message. Once your record is updated, results will appear in Logbook of The World (LoTW) accounts or in the live, daily DXCC Standings. Due to a backup on DXCC e-mail, DXCC staff will make the corrections to accounts, but may not respond directly to messages about this.” Moore noted that the J28RO and 5X1RO logs have been uploaded to LoTW.



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