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FCC Cites New Jersey CB Shop for Marketing Unauthorized RF Devices


The FCC has issued a Citation to a New Jersey Citizens Band radio shop for marketing unauthorized RF devices to consumers, in violation of the Communications Act of 1934 and FCC Part 2 rules. The Citation to Thomas Wilson, doing business as Redman CB Stop, in Absecon, New Jersey, was issued March 5.

“Redman CB Stop should take immediate steps to discontinue the marketing of unauthorized radio frequency devices, and to avoid any recurrence of the misconduct described herein,” the FCC said in the Citation.

Last October an agent from the FCC Enforcement Bureau’s Philadelphia office browsed the website of the online retailer of CB and Amateur Radio gear. The agent “observed for sale 16 makes and models of non-certified RF power amplifiers” capable of operation on both the 11 meter Citizens Band and the 10 meter ham band. The FCC said examples of the non-certified offerings included “the Fatboy 900 Mobile Amplifier” and the “Zombie Products 500 Watt ERP Linear Amplifier.” Neither of those devices and others that the FCC alleges the retailer was marketing, may be offered for sale prior to FCC certification. FCC rules require external RF amplifiers operating below 144 MHz and marketed in the US to first receive Commission a grant of certification before they may be marketed. In addition, the FCC rules prohibit marketing or selling external RF amplifiers capable of amplification between 26 MHz and 28 MHz — the 11 meter Citizens Band.

The FCC gave Redman CB Stop 30 days to respond to the Citation. The FCC said it will use “all relevant material information before it,” including information the retailer may disclose, to determine what, if any, enforcement action may be necessary “to ensure your compliance with the Communications Act and the Commission’s rules.” 



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