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FCC Seeks to Modify Hawaiian Ham’s License


On March 15, the FCC issued an Order Proposing Modification, seeking to change the license class of Todd Wilson, WH6DWF, of Honolulu, Hawaii, from General to Technician. The FCC stated that granting General class Amateur Radio operator privileges to Wilson was “improper.”

In November 2011, the ARRL VEC sent an electronic data file to the FCC, requesting that the FCC issue a Wilson a new General class license. Based on this application, the FCC granted Wilson a General class license on November 29, 2011. In January 2012, the ARRL VEC notified the FCC that Wilson’s information was incorrect and he did not qualify for a General class license; the ARRL VEC asked the FCC to modify Wilson’s license to show him to hold a Technician class license.

“We believe that ARRL VEC’s request is most properly characterized as an informal request for Commission action under Section 1.41 of the Commission’s Rules,” the Order stated. “Based on the information now before us, it appears that ARRL VEC has requested that we modify the operator privileges granted to the licensee of amateur station WH6DWF. It also appears to us that the grant of General class operator privileges to Wilson was erroneous because he was not eligible to receive examination credit for one of the examination elements an examinee must pass or receive credit for in order to be granted a General class operator license. Rather, he appears to be currently authorized to operate with General class operator privileges due to an error made during the application process.”

The FCC said that Section 316(a)(1) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended “provides the appropriate vehicle for resolving this matter. Section 316(a) permits the Commission to modify a station license if the action will promote the public interest, convenience, and necessity. We believe that modification of the license for amateur station WH6DWF to replace General class operator privileges with Technician class operator privileges is appropriate.”

In accordance with Section 1.87(a) of the FCC’s Rules, the FCC will not issue a Modification Order until Wilson has received notice and has had an opportunity to file a protest. Wilson has until April 14, 2012 to protest the modification to his license by submitting a written statement “with sufficient evidence to show that the modification would not be in the public interest.”



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