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“Frequency” TV Series Would Reprise Amateur Radio-Themed Movie


Mike Baxter, KA0XTT — Tim Allen’s character in the “Last Man Standing” TV show on ABC — may be getting some competition on the ham bands, as NBC appears poised to launch a television series based on the 2000 movie Frequency, in which ham radio — aided by some spectacular solar phenomena — plays a central role in the sci-fi thriller.

According to a November 13 article in The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has already committed to the series. Jeremy Carver is writing the script for Warner Brothers Television and will be the series’ executive producer. Toby Emmerich, who wrote the movie, will be a co-producer.

While Amateur Radio has made only fleeting appearances in “Last Man Standing,” it is an essential plot device in Frequency. In the movie, a New York City fireman, Frank Sullivan, played by Dennis Quaid, re-connects via a bizarre ham radio link with his son, John, 30 years in the future. Jim Caviezel, now a star in the CBS drama, “Person of Interest,” portrayed John Sullivan, an NYPD detective. John Sullivan comes across his late father’s 1960’s-era Heathkit transceiver, through which — with the help of quirk of nature and some Hollywood magic — he is able to communicate with his father through time and space.

Once back in touch, father and son conspire in efforts to change the past while also untangling their complicated personal relationship. Both also attempt to prevent a murder.

The ham radio theme and the chance to see vintage ham gear and real, glowing vacuum tubes (Frank Sullivan’s old Heathkit has no cover) on the big screen were sufficient to generate considerable interest within the Boat Anchor community when the movie debuted. The ARRL worked with the film’s producers. Frequency remains widely available in DVD and through video services. -- Thanks to John Bigley, N7UR, Nevada Amateur Radio Newswire





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