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International: New Ham Radio Regulations in Place in Thailand, Germany Gets 4 Meters Briefly


Thailand’s 247,000 radio amateurs will be getting new Amateur Radio regulations that provide significant new privileges The Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) has reported that the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has been working on the new regulations for nearly 3 years. They will permit operation on 6 meters, will expand the 2 meter band by 500 kHz (to 146.5 MHz), and will activate the Advanced class with privileges permitting running up to 1 kW. Restrictions on HF radios that include 6 meters will be removed and type-approval restrictions eased, so that Thai radio amateurs will be able to purchase transceiver models. Additional spectrum is being authorized for 160 and 80 meters too.

Among other changes, more club stations and contest call signs will be issued, those not holding a ham ticket may operate under supervision at a club station, an 8 WPM Morse code receiving test will remain as a component of the Intermediate and Advanced class examination, and the entry-level Basic (Novice) license now may run 60 W on 144 MHz and 100 W on 28 MHz. The NBTC has posted a new allocation table.

Meanwhile, German telecommunications authorities have approved the use of 70.000 to 70.030 MHz by Class A radio amateurs from July 2 until August 31, 2014. The DARC report the restrictions are similar to those for the 50 MHz band: 25 W EIRP, all modes, maximum bandwidth 12 kHz, horizontal antenna polarization. This band has not been available to radio amateurs in Germany since 1957. The UK also has access to 4 meters. The DARC has said it is working toward permanent access to 4 meters. — Thanks to Southgate ARC





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