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JOTA Stations Urged to File their 2015 Reports


National JOTA Organizer Jim Wilson, K5ND, is calling on all stations that participated in the 2015 Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) to submit their reports.

“I hope that all y’all had a great JOTA weekend,” Wilson said, noting that he visited the National Scouting Museum and K2BSA/5. “From my own station I also heard lots of stations on 20 and 40 meters along with a few on 17 and 15 meters. I worked a couple on SSB and PSK,” he added.

Individual station report information will be compiled into the US JOTA report and filed with the World Organization of the Scouting Movement for incorporation into its report. “If you don’t have exact numbers for some of the information, you can use your best judgment to provide an estimate,” Wilson said.

After submitting your report, you’ll receive a confirmation via e-mail along with a link to download the JOTA 2015 Certificate. Wilson said photos and stories are welcome but not required.




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