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MicroHAMs Meet in Redmond



More than 100 digitally active amateurs gathered September 18 at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington for the MicroHAMS Digital Conference.

Among the attendees was David Gutierrez, WA6PMX. David reports an enthusiastic turnout with a number of speakers, including . . .

• Lyle Johnson, KK7P, who presented a "Beginners look at SDR and the Softrock Ensemble Receiver”

• Steward Kantor, CEO of Full Spectrum Networks, speaking on “Mobile WiMAX for VHF/UHF - Real Broadband for Amateur Radio?"

• Andy Ruschak, KK7TR, providing an overview of "APCO Project 25 and Other Digital Voice Radio Technologies"

• Jeremy McDermond, NH6Z, describing "How the Other Half Lives: Developing SDR Software for the Macintosh Platform"

• Dan Smith, KK7DS, speaking on "D-RATS and the Wonders of Winlink"

• Ward Silver, N0AX, discussing "Modes and Bandwidths"

All the talks were video recorded and they will be available on the MicroHAMS Web site.


David commented, “There were lots of questions for the speakers after their talks and the demo area was always busy during the breaks. The most interesting talk for me was the Mobile WiMax presentation. I think it has great potential.”

 (all photos by David Gutierrez, WA6PMX)




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