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New Editions of ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, Tech Q&A Now Available


Discover all the excitement of Amateur Radio when you get your Technician license -- your ticket to the unique mix of fun, public service, technology and experimenting with electronics. The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and ARRL's Tech Q&A will guide you as you get started in Amateur Radio, helping you select your equipment, set up your first station and make your first (of many!) contacts.

These manuals -- designed for Technician exams given after July 1, 2010 -- contain all of the information you need to study for and pass the 35 exam questions derived from the new Technician class (Element 2) question pool. The questions in the pool provide for the new Technician licensee to be able to establish his or her station and operate it legally, courteously and safely. The new Technician pool contains approximately 400 questions, from which 35 are selected for an Element 2 examination; the exam will contain graphics and diagrams. When you use The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and the ARRL's Tech Q&A to study for your first license exam, you'll be on the air in no time! Every page presents information you will need to pass the exam and become an effective operator, such as radio and electronics fundamentals, operating station equipment, communicating with other hams, licensing regulations, operating regulations and radio safety.

The Technician license is the beginning of the journey into the Amateur Radio Service, preparing you for the enjoyment of operating, and that of preparing to learn electronics -- the cornerstone of the education needed to obtain the further enjoyment that can come with the higher license classes. While some hams use their skills to provide communications during emergencies and disasters when other communication modes are inoperable, others enjoy talking to people across the country and around the globe, participating in local contests and building experiments -- all with an emphasis on fun. You too can join in on the fun when you get your Technician license!

The Technician question pool in The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and the ARRL's Tech Q&A is valid from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2014.




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