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New Videos Promoting Field Day, Amateur Radio Technology, Available from ARRL


Two new video Public Service Announcements (PSAs) -- one promoting ARRL Field Day and another showing the technical side of Amateur Radio -- are now available from the ARRL Web site. "These videos are great for PIOs, clubs and hams in general to use in promoting the fun side of Amateur Radio," said ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP.

"The Field Day PSA is meant to be posted on Web sites, added to e-mails and shared via the Internet," Pitts explained. "While not broadcast quality resolution, it was intentionally made small enough to go through almost all e-mail systems and able to be seen on almost every computer. The PSA spotlighting Amateur Radio technology is meant for broadcast and cable TV; it is more general than the Field Day video and media outlets can use it all year long. This video complements the WeDoThat-Radio campaign and the Technology Pillar, one of the ARRL's five pillars."

Pitts said that the Field Day video is the League's first experiment in "viral" video. "We've seen how a good video can spread quickly via the Web and reach people. So we created a special Field Day Internet video for this year. Let's see what happens." Amateurs can download the video from the Field Day Web page or just click here (right click on the hyperlink and choose "Save target ") and then send it to friends, e-mail lists, Web sites -- just about anywhere! 

"Please do not modify it or change the ending!" Pitts requests. "Since the files can go all over the country -- and world -- the ending needs to be able to direct anyone, anywhere to the closest Field Day site near them. Just be sure your local group is listed on the ARRL Field Day Locator and they will find you." Since the technology PSA is targeted for commercial TV uses, it is a high resolution, 43 meg, MOV type file; it can be downloaded from the ARRL. Because this version is meant for professional use, it has a formal 60 second lead-in followed by the 30 second PSA. A very low resolution preview version (not meant for distribution) is also available.

To get a copy of the technology video on a disc, please send Pitts an e-mail, letting him know which TV stations or cable systems will be showing the video, and which format is needed.

Special thanks go to the volunteers of the national ARRL PR Committee who took the concept and helped bring it to reality. For the Field Day video, Kevin Pauley, KB9WVI, did the excellent video editing (right down to synchronizing shots with the music); Don Carlson, KQ6FM, did the voiceover work. Staff creativity came from Pitts -- who produced and created the video -- and ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, who did the music. The Delta DX Association in Louisiana, W5RU, with Bob McBride, AE5RN, and Albert DuPont, W5AFD, were a major help, providing action video clips and permissions from their last Field Day. The technology video was also designed by Pitts with extensive volunteer help. Special thanks go to Matt Aaron, KG4WXX, who guided the extensive video editing and to Don Carlson, KQ6FM, who did the audio work.



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