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North Korea Still Tops The DX Magazine's Most Wanted Survey


The DX Magazine has published the results of its most-wanted DXCC entities, and, once again, North Korea (P5) is number 1. Here are the Top 10 overall worldwide results, as they appeared in The DX Magazine’s January/February 2014 issue. 

2013   Prefix/Entity (2012)

1         P5 North Korea (1)

2         KP1 Navassa Island (2)

3         3Y/B Bouvet  (3)

4         FT5W Crozet (6)

5         FT5Z Amsterdam (4)

6         VK0/H Heard Island (5)

7         BS7H Scarborough (7)

8         ZS8M Marion Island (9)

9         VP8/S South Sandwich (8)

10       FT5T Tromelin Island (10)

“It is interesting to note that the same 10 places are there for both 2012 and 2013,” QRZ DX/The DX Magazine Editor Carl, Smith N4AA, said. “[T]here are a few slight changes in ranking, but it is the same 10. That should change somewhat for 2014 with Tromelin and Amsterdam, both scheduled for major DXpeditions.”

The complete Top 100 Most Wanted list is available on the DX Publishing website. The continental rankings appear in the January/February issue of DX Magazine; band/mode breakdowns will be published in the March/April 2014 issue.




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