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Pacific, Southeast Asia DX Operations Announced


The Daily DX reports several opportunities to work some rare and semi-rare DXCC entities in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific this fall. 

  • FW5JJ, Wallis and Futuna Islands, will become more available as Jean Jacques, TK5JJ, heads there to live for a couple of years. A start-up date has not been announced, but he plans to be active on all modes and expects to have a 2 meter EME and 6 meter capabilities. Wallis and Futuna is #51 on ClubLog’s Most Wanted List.
  • Rob, N7QT, is now on the air as TX5D from Raivavae Island (OC-114) in the Austral Islands (#42). Grant, KZ1W, was expected to join him, and the pair plans to have two stations on the air. QSL via N7QT and LoTW.
  • 3D2RA, 3D2GC/p and 3D2DD/p will be on the air on CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, and SSTV from Rotuma Island (#73) until October 11.
  • Kiichi, JF1LUT, will be operating from Koror, Palau (#130; OC-009) as T88IK October 8-15. Activity will be on HF and 6 meters on SSB only. QSL direct or via the bureau to JF1LUT.
  • JH1NBN, Yuki, will be on business in Pohnpei, Micronesia (#83), October 9-17 and will be QRV as V63AQ in his free time. (His side trip to Woleai Atoll [OC-132] has been postponed.) On October 17 listen for him on Guam (#243) as K3ZB/KH2. QSL via JH1NBN.
  • VK9DAC will be on the air from Lord Howe Island (#66) October 14-20, with Fred, VK3DAC, at the helm. He anticipates operating on 40 meters during his local mornings, 10 and 15 meters in his afternoons, and 2 meters at night. He says the operation will depend upon conditions. He also will attempt some 6 meter operation, but his gear is limited.
  • Bill, N7OU, will be on the air as E51NOU October 14-November 9 from Rarotonga, South Cook Islands (#162), CW only, 160 through 10 meters as his volunteer work there allows. QSL via N7OU.
  • JF2WGN will operate as AH2EA from Guam (#243) October 17-21.
  • Charly, HSØZCW (K4VUD), is planning a “mini-HS DXpedition” from his home station in Thailand (#236), October 20-21, on 40 through 10 meters, SSB, CW and RTTY. He plans to pay special attention to 17 and 12 meters and to openings to North America. He may use the call sign E2E instead of his regular call sign.
  • XRØYY will be the call sign for the 2013 Easter Island (#105) DXpedition by CX4CR, CX3AN, CX2AM, CX3CE, CEØHYO, EA7FTR and EA5HPX, November 1-7, 160 through 6 meters, CW, SSB and digital. 1.8 through 50 MHz on CW, SSB and the digital modes. QSL via EB7DX.
  • A team of Japanese operators have announced their plans for a DXpedition to Iririki Island (OC-035) Vanuatu (#97) will take place from November 1-11. Activity will be on HF and 6 meters on CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL YJØAU and YJØCJ via JA2ATE (SASE only), YJØTE via JA2ATE, and YJØZS via JA2ZS.
  • November 1-4 Takeshi, JA1UII, will be on the air as JD1BON from Chichijima (AS-031), Ogasawara (#85). QSL via JA1UII direct or bureau.
  • XV2CNH, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (#157), will be on the air November 1-9 with Take, JA6CNH, at the helm on 160 through 6 meters, CW, SSB and digital.
  • The T33A DXpedition operation will be up and running from Banaba (#23), November 5-18.
  • Look for a little call sign sleight of hand in a series of operations from American Samoa and Samoa in November and early December. W8A will be the call sign from American Samoa (#57) November 12-22. Then the venue and call sign will change to N8A, November 23-24, for the CQ World Wide DX CW. Then, 5W8A will be on the air from Samoa (#118), November 27-December 2.
  • Wim, ON6DX, will operate as 5V7TH from Togo (#143) in November and December. He plans to be active on 40 and 30 meters, SSB and RTTY.
  • Aki, JA1NLX, will be on the air as P29VNX from Lissenung Island (OC-008), Papua New Guinea (#110), December 1-6. Activity will be mostly on CW with some SSB and RTTY on 10 through 28 MHz. QSL via JA1NLX and LoTW.
  • December 4-11, Dick, N7RO; David, AH6HY; Paula, NX1P, and Dean, KW7XX, will join up with Tim, NL8F, who will be in East Kiribati (#168) as T32TM, starting November 26. The group will use the call sign T32RC in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club.. QSL T32RC via N7RO and T32TM via K8NA.
  • Take, JG8NQJ, will return to Minami Torishima (#28) to work at the weather station starting in mid-December for about 6 weeks and will be active as JD1/JG8NQJ in his spare time.





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