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Radio Amateurs Invited to Listen for Lambda-Sat


Lambda-Sat — the first Greek CubeSat — was released from the International Space Station on March 4, following its launch last summer, and its developers have invited radio amateurs around the world to listen for the Lamda-Sat signal and file reports.

“You can help us to track and get the data from the Lambda-Sat while [it is] flying above areas not covered by our ground stations,” the Lambda-Sat team said. The 1U CubeSat transmits AX.25-protocol UI packets at 1200 bps AFSK on 437.462 MHz. The 1 W transmitter identifies as KK6DFZ.

Lambda-Sat was constructed entirely by young volunteers from Greece, who traveled to Silicon Valley to participate in this project. Members of the Lambda-Sat team contributed to the construction of the satellite system through their knowledge in robotics, electronics, software development, and telecommunications.

“I want to motivate the youth in Greece to continue to dream,” said the project’s initiator, Periklis Papadopoulos, an aerospace engineering professor at San Jose State University. “My goal is to demonstrate the capabilities of young people in Greece.”

Lambda-Sat carries an experiment that measures the radiation effects on graphene in a low-Earth orbit environment. It also carries an Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver for tracking all vessels within its footprint around the globe, employing an Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) modem and making use of the Iridium constellation.

An article on the Lambda-Sat project by Cyprus Amateur Radio Society (CARS) Secretary Nestor Jacovides, 5B4AHZ, has been posted on the CARS website.





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