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Rare, Brief 6 Meter F2 Opening Makes for Plentiful DX


Six meter operators were treated November 9 to an F2 opening from approximately 1500 until 1630 UTC.

“These have been very rare in solar cycle 24,” said QST “The World Above 50 MHz” Editor Jon Jones, NØJK. He described the opening as “mostly single-hop F2” from the East Coast, Midwest, Gulf Coast, and to the West Coast to Central America, Northern South America and Caribbean.

Jones said the geomagnetic field was active, with a K of 4, due to what called “a gusty stream of solar wind buffeting Earth’s magnetic field, sparking auroras around both of our planet’s poles.”

Jones said he was “late to the show” because he’d worked the night before. He didn’t get into the fray until 1550 UTC after he saw all the 6 meter spots showing up. “I turned on the radio, and FM5AN, P43A, PJ4NX, etc were all blasting in loud here in eastern Kansas,” he said.

“I worked FM5AN and P43A from home using a M2 loop in the attic. Jean, P43A said I was S-9. Nothing new or rare, but any F2 on 6 meters in solar cycle 24 is a treat.”



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