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  • Glenn Fowler Resq image.jpg

    08/08/2016 | Amateur Radio Plays Critical Role in Mountain Rescue

    Glenn Fowler, N5TDJ, of Allen, Texas, reported via Facebook that Amateur Radio served him well on August 4.
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  • CV_Port_Switz.JPG

    08/02/2010 | Swiss Hams Set New World Record on 10 GHz

    A group of six Swiss hams have set a new record for the longest contact (based on GPS coordinates) made on 10 GHz using SSB -- 2696 km (1675 miles): from Ilha do Sal (one of the northern Cape Verde islands) to Portugal. Using a 20 W transmitter -- with a
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  • RiversideCountyRescueMap

    01/20/2010 | Ham Helps Out in Riverside County Desert Rescue

    On the afternoon of Saturday, January 16, Christopher Walsh, KJ6BBS, of Irvine, California, was listening to radio traffic on 446.760 MHz, a channel used by the Los Angeles area-based Pocket Auto-Patch Association (PAPA) system -- an Amateur Radio network
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  • HamHike2

    07/21/2009 | Ham Radio Helps Out with Mountain Rescue

    It was a quiet afternoon on July 11 and Rich Lippucci, KI6RRQ, of Vista, California, was monitoring the Catalina Amateur Radio Association (CARA) repeater on his base station. "I heard someone come over the repeater, calling, 'Is there anybody listen
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