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  • Solar Flare

    03/18/2016 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The vernal equinox may bring enhanced HF conditions
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  • Solar Flare

    12/04/2015 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Possible increases in solar wind in the forecast
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  • Solar Spicules

    05/30/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar indicators continue to weaken
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  • K7RA Solar Update

    08/09/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The sun remains relatively quiet
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  • latest090811

    09/09/2011 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The solar indicators were up again this week, with the average daily sunspot numbers increasing nearly 21 points to 104.3, while the average daily solar flux rose nearly 12 points to 115.5. Geomagnetic numbers were up as well, with the most active geomagn
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  • latest032411.jpg

    03/25/2011 | The K7RA Solar Update

    All solar indicators were lower again for the second consecutive week. The average daily sunspot numbers declined more than 28 points from the week before to 40.9, while the average daily solar flux was off more than 18 points to 94.8. But looking at sola
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