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SHARES Interoperability Exercise to Use 5 MHz Channels, Involve Amateur Radio


During the Pennsylvania Command and Communications Rally 2016 on Thursday, April 21 (1200-1900 UTC), US Department of Homeland Security SHARES (SHared RESources High Frequency Radio Program) stations will demonstrate interoperability with other SHARES stations, other federal government stations, and Amateur Radio stations involved in emergency communication — including tests and exercises — on the five 60 meter channels where the Amateur Service is secondary. ARRL Chief Technology Officer Brennan Price, N4QX, cautions radio amateurs to let the primary (ie, government) users carry out their assignments before conducting any federal-amateur contacts.”

“Our long term strategy for continued and meaningful access to 60 meters depends in large part on events like these being successful,” Price said. “Success is not defined by a large volume of amateur communications; it is defined as an appropriate volume of communications that demonstrates interoperability while not detracting from the mission of the primary occupant of the spectrum.”

The primary period for interoperability demonstration will be between 1600 and 1630 UTC. The suppressed-carrier reference frequencies (dial frequencies) for USB communication are 5330.5, 5346.5, 5357.0, 5371.5, and 5403.5 kHz. Stations making contacts during this event are requested to send a report via e-mail with the subject line “PEMA 5MHz DEMO,” or via Winlink to NCS360.

SHARES coordinates a voluntary network of government, industry, and disaster response agency HF radio stations used for emergency communications. More than 1350 HF radio stations — representing 104 federal, state, and industry organizations and located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and overseas — participate in SHARES. — Thanks to Ross Z. Merlin, National Coordinating Center for Communications, SHARES Program Manager, Department of Homeland Security 



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