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Shin’en 2 Designated as Fuji Oscar 82


AMSAT has designated the Shin’en 2 spacecraft as Fuji OSCAR-82 (FO-82). Responding to a request from Seiji Fukushima, JH6RTO, OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, congratulated Fukushima and the Fuji OSCAR-82 team on behalf of AMSAT-NA and the Amateur Satellite community, and expressed the hope that the spacecraft would “fulfill all of its mission objectives.”


Built by students at Kagoshima University Graduate School of Engineering in Japan, the 17 kg satellite Shin’en 2 identifies as JG6YIG. Shin’en2 carries a 0.1 W CW beacon on 437.505 MHz and telemetry on 437.385 MHz (0.8 W) using a mode similar to WSJT. It also will carry a F1D digital store-and-forward transponder with an uplink of 145.95 MHz and a downlink at 435.27 MHz (0.4 W), but not the Amateur Radio Mode J linear transponder announced earlier. The data format is posted on the Kagoshima University website.

Shin’en2 will have an elliptical orbit around the Sun and travel to a deep space orbit between Venus and Mars. Its inclination will be almost zero, which means Shin-En2 will stay in Earth's equatorial plane, and the distance from Earth will be between approximately 6.5 million and 12 million miles.

Shin’en 2 and ARTSAT2: DESPATCH were launched December 3 with the Hayabusa 2 asteroid sample-return mission. ARTSAT2, which also carried an Amateur Radio payload, stopped transmitting recently after its batteries depleted. — Thanks to AMSAT News Service, Kagoshima University





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