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Surfin': ATVing Digitally and APRSing Successfully


Revisiting D-ATV

In October, Surfin' twice visited Web sites where Amateur Television (ATV) is going digital.

Ken Konechy, W6HHC, contacted me recently about an article he and Robbie Robinson, KB6CJZ, wrote titled "TechTalk #75 - - Planning a Digital-ATV Station." The article appeared in RF, the Orange County ARC newsletter and it describes the process of making decisions for planning a Digital-ATV (D-ATV) station through the eyes of two American hams.

To a certain extent (especially in the US), D-ATV seems like a maze because there are plenty of decisions that have to be made when planning a D-ATV station. Some decisions could be very expensive, some decisions may lead to an obsolete design and some decisions could result in major technical issues. This article sorts it all out.

Where's WB4APR?

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, the man behind the curtain we call APRS has had an Internet presence as long as I can remember. His Web site was a place you could go to get answers about your APRS questions or to discover what was the latest new APRS application Bob had cooked up.

The URL that Bob used forever for his Web site is now kaput, but he has a new URL that is easy to remember; it is

Happy Independence Day and until next time, keep on surfin'!

Editor's note: Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, is so patriotic that this year he celebrates Independence Day on the Third and the Fourth of July. To contact Stan, send him e-mail or add comments to his blog. By the way, every installment of Surfin' is indexed here, so go look it up.

Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU
Contributing Editor



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