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Sweden’s SAQ Alexanderson Alternator Station Receives Nearly 300 Reports


Lars Kalland, SM6NM, at the SAQ Grimeton Heritage Site station in Sweden issued a preliminary report on July 12, noting that 297 listener reports were received, and most listeners were able to copy at least part of the July 3 “Alexanderson Day” commemorative transmissions on 17.2 kHz. The vast majority of the reports were from Europe, but four listeners in the US were able to hear the SAQ signal.

“Thanks again for the nice job to keep the old machine in perfect working order,” said Jean Louis Descombes, F6BNL. “It is such a thrill to hear it on the air!,” said John Collins, KN1H.

Dating from the 1900s, the Alexanderson alternator — essentially an ac generator run at extremely high speed — can put out 200 kW but typically is operated at less than one-half that power level. Once providing reliable transatlantic communication, it is now a museum piece and only put on the air on special occasions. It was built in the 1920s.

The station is managed by the Grimeton World Heritage Foundation. 



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