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Tenth Annual "Night of Nights" On the Air July 12

07/06/2009 The Maritime Radio Historical Society's 10th annual CW-only Night of Nights, commemorating the history of maritime radio, is scheduled for Sunday, July 12 at 1701 PDT (Monday, July 13 at 0001 UTC). Years ago, the maritime mobile bands were populated edge-to-edge with powerful coast stations that operated from virtually every country on every continent. The ships of world trade and the great passenger liners filled the air with their radiograms, as well as their calls for help when in danger on the sea. Now those bands are largely silent. But once a year, the MRHS returns stations KPH, KSM and KFS to the air. Other stations, including WLO, KLB, NMC, NOJ and NMN, often join in. Calls from ships at sea make the event seem like the golden age of maritime radio has returned. The MRHS's club station, K6KPH, will be on-the-air on several frequencies, receiving signal reports from other amateur stations. The K6KPH operators are seasoned commercial operators with years of experience "sitting the circuit" and will give amateur stations the experience of what it was like to work a real coast station. More information regarding the event, including suggested frequencies, is available on the Night of Nights Web page.



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