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UT1FG/mm Active on Satellites from the High Seas


Yuri Bodrov, UT1FG, has been operating maritime mobile while aboard a commercial ship Silver, now heading north, possibly increasing chances of making a contact with him. Frank Griffin, K4FEG, and Rick Tillman, WA4NVM, contacted UT1FG when he was sailing in grid FG43 during a 2 minute pass on the venerable AO-7 satellite (Mode B). His next port will be Punta Patache, Chile (FG49). It’s possible to track UT1FG’s progress on the Marine Traffic website, using either the ship’s name, Silver, the port name “Coquimbo,” or the ship’s call sign, 5BNC3. As he prepares to leave port, the ship’s information will change to show his next destination. K4FEG reported, “We had about a 60 second footprint into EM55aj to him in FG40hb, a distance of over 7500 kilometers. As the satellite rose over EM55aj84ta, I heard Yuri calling CQ at 145.9579 MHz. He called only once, and I called back once and we made a successful contact.” — AMSAT News Service via Frank Griffin, K4FEG



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