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Official WRTC 2018 Rules Published


The official rules for World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 (WRTC 2018) in Germany are now available. Continuing the two-operator, two-transmitter format of the earlier WRTCs, “both stations will be permitted to transmit at any time to maximize their scoring and the fun of the worldwide WRTC community,” said WRTC 2018 Rules Committee Director Uwe Koenneker, DL8OBF.

Noteworthy among the WRTC 2018 rules is the allowance of the use of spectrum or waterfall displays, and a prohibition on the use of second or sub-receivers. Also, only one computer is permitted to be attached to each radio, and PCs used in the effort must connect via wired Ethernet. Requirements for signal quality are pending. — Thanks to The ARRL Contest Update