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Yasme Foundation Announces Supporting Grants


The Yasme Foundation Board of Directors has announced several grants to Amateur Radio organizations and activities. Beneficiaries include the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program, the ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology, and the Reverse Beacon Network (RBN). The value of each grant was not released.

“The Yasme Foundation encourages amateurs to support activities that promote Amateur Radio and result in new licensees around the world,” the announcement said.

In support of scholarships and youth programs, the Yasme Foundation will fund the Yasme Foundation scholarship through the ARRL Foundation. It also designated grants to the Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) in support of its 2016 scholarship program, to the Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) program to support programs aimed at promoting Amateur Radio among those under age 26 throughout IARU Region 1, and to the ARRL Teacher's Institute to fund one teacher’s attendance at a 2016 Teachers Institute session.

In support of scientific and technical programs, the Yasme Foundation will make a grant to the ARISS program to support effort to place higher-power Amateur Radio equipment on the Columbus Module and standardize the equipment configuration; to the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) Beacon Project to update the beacon station in Sri Lanka, and to the Reverse Beacon Network, to build and install a node to provide coverage in an area identified as both underserved and of particular interest to propagation studies.

To support HF operating around the world, the Yasme Foundation will make a grant to a representative of the Haiti Amateur Radio Club for the purchase of Amateur Radio training materials aimed at developing future licensees in Haiti as well as donate a Kenwood TS-440S transceiver for use by the new licensees; to the International Amateur Radio Club at International Telecommunication Union Headquarters in Geneva (4U1ITU) for station maintenance and the acquisition of needed equipment; and to World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 (WRTC 2018) to support the expense of mounting the contesting competition in Germany and to encourage other organizations and individuals to contribute as well, and to the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society club station ET3AA, to acquire a new computer, interfaces, and programs for logging and operating digital modes and to purchase new headsets

The Yasme Foundation announced grants to organizations supporting Amateur Radio. These include a grant to the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) in support of its ongoing activities, and to Dokufunk, the Research and Documentation Center for the History of Radio Communications and the Electronic Media in Vienna, Austria, in support of its activities to preserve the history of radio communication.

The Yasme Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized to support scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio, including DXing and the introduction and promotion of Amateur Radio in developing countries.





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