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Youth Rally Will Be a Highlight of ARRL’s Hamvention 2016 Activities


The first-ever ARRL Youth Rally will be a feature of the League’s menu of activities at Hamvention® 2016. The event is set for Saturday, May 21, and requires advance online registration. Hamvention takes place May 20-22, and the centerpiece of ARRL Hamvention exhibits and activities is ARRL EXPO, a huge exhibit area in one of the main exhibit halls in Hara Arena. The ARRL Youth Rally is open to youth and young adults aged 11 to 26. Participants will enjoy a full program of hands-on ham radio activities, discovery, sharing, and fun!

“ARRL is especially excited to introduce a way for young hams and soon-to-be hams to meet each other and experience some cool activities,” said ARRL EXPO Manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R. “The model for the ARRL Youth Rally is based on a full-day camp program, and our goal is to encourage young radio amateurs to get active, get involved, and get on the air.” Preliminary Youth Rally agenda and registration instructions are on the ARRL website. The ARRL Youth Rally is $20 for ages 11-17, and free for young adults ages 18-26. The fee covers the cost of lunch, a T shirt, and all Youth Rally materials.

Rally day begins with the annual Dayton Youth Forum — open to all Hamvention attendees — moderated by well-known Amateur Radio educator Carole Perry, WB2MGP. The forum includes presentations from young hams covering a variety of Amateur Radio activities, topics, and technology. Following the forum, Youth Rally registrants will enjoy lunch together, followed by a full afternoon of activities and hands-on demonstrations. Youth Rally Leaders Tommy Gober, N5DUX, and Jennifer Gober, KE5LNK, both education professionals, will guide the program. (Tommy Gober also is an ARRL Education & Technology Program Instructor.)

The official ARRL Exhibit & Activities Guide for Hamvention 2016 is available now.

ARRL’s year-long operating event, National Parks on the Air (NPOTA), will be featured in a new booth this year. This event has already engaged thousands of radio amateurs in helping the ARRL to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the US National Park Service. They are on the air from national parks, monuments, historic sites, and more — promoting the National Park Service and showcasing Amateur Radio to the public.

Meet with NPOTA program representatives at the booth to get answers to your questions, or simply to celebrate the program’s ongoing success. Official NPOTA gear will be available too, from shirts, pins, hats, and patches to stickers, mugs, posters, and banners. Load-up!

Among the exhibits returning to ARRL EXPO this year is the popular ARRL Laboratory booth. There convention goers can bring their hand-held radios for testing by ARRL Lab engineers and volunteers. The testing is a free service for attendees wanting to know the spectral quality of the output from their handheld transceiver. Find out if your radio passes!

More than a dozen other booths are planned for ARRL EXPO, including exhibits promoting Amateur Radio public service, education, and radiosport. The ARRL Ohio Section will host an ARRL Field Organization booth to encourage networking among volunteers.

A feature of ARRL’s Dayton Hamvention presence since 2005, ARRL EXPO this year will boast 25 staffers from ARRL Headquarters and 100 or so volunteers and League officials to host the huge showcase of programs and services supporting ARRL members and the Amateur Radio Service.

ARRL has also announced its lineup of Dayton Hamvention® forums (see below). A list of all Hamvention forums is on the Hamvention website.

ARRL-Sponsored Forums at 2016 Dayton Hamvention®

Friday May 20, 2016

10:30 AM-11:30 AM — Room 5

The ARRL Laboratory — Behind the Scenes!

Presenter: Bob Allison, WB1GCM, ARRL Assistant Lab Manager

ARRL members who are familiar with the monthly column QST Product Review have some idea of the work supported by the ARRL Laboratory. But did you know the Lab has an answer man, Zack Lau, W1VT, who runs the ARRL Technical Information Service? He provides the answers to members who call or write to the Lab for help. Did you know the Lab has an RFI expert? Mike Gruber, W1MG helps members experiencing RFI problems. Who is the watchdog against spectrum encroachment from consumer devices? Lab Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, is a prominent board member serving on several industry standards committees. He also won the BPL battle for all of us. Come hear about how the ARRL Lab supports members and the entire Amateur Radio Service!

2:30 PM-3:45 PM — Room 2

Ham Radio and the Law: Antenna Permits and Problems

Moderator: Fred Hopengarten, Esq, K1VR, Author “Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur”

A discussion by Amateur Radio attorneys on legal issues of interest to hams: avoiding restrictive covenants, presenting your case for a tower permit, and information on recent court rulings on PRB-1. Updates on proposed legislation to protect hams living under homeowner association restrictions. Speakers:

Bob Famiglio, Esq, K3RF, ARRL Atlantic Division Vice Director and a Volunteer Counsel: The concept of Viewshed, and how to present it favorably

Jim O'Connell, Esq, W9WU, ARRL Volunteer Counsel: Buying a house

Kevin Kaufhold, Esq, W9GKA, ARRL Volunteer Counsel: Case study for PRB-1

Dan Henderson, N1ND, ARRL Regulatory Information Manager: Update on the Amateur Radio Parity Act

Saturday May 21, 2016

9:15 AM-11:00 AM — Room 5

ARRL National Parks on the Air

Presenters: Sean Kutzko, KX9X, ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager, and Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, ARRL Assistant Field Services and Radiosport Manager

An update on ARRL’s year-long on-the-air event, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. Get tips for activating and chasing the more than 400 National Park Service administrative units, and learn about some of America’s finest natural and historic landmarks along the way.

1:45 PM-3:00 PM — Room 5

ARRL Member Forum

Moderator: Dale Williams, WA8EFK, ARRL Great Lakes Division Director

ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US. ARRL members help advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio. ARRL publishes the popular monthly journal QST, coordinates an extensive all-volunteer field organization, and serves members as Amateur Radio's representative voice in regulatory and legislative matters. Hear from local and national ARRL officials on key areas of membership interest. Find out how ARRL supports dozens of ways to get involved, get active, and get on the air. Members and prospective members are all welcome!

Sunday May 22, 2016

9:15 AM-10:15 AM — Room 2

Maximizing Your ARRL Field Day Effort

ARRL Field Day 2016, Amateur Radio’s most popular on-the-air event, is June 25-26. Hear from a panel of experienced participants who will cover the educational, operating, and public relations objectives of a successful and FUN Field Day! Panel:

Dan Henderson, N1ND, ARRL Regulatory Information Manager: How to maximize your Fun for Field Day

Mike Corey, KI1U, ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager: Having a Safe Field Day

Scott Westerman, W9WSW, ARRL Public Relations Committee Chair: Get a boost from using Social Media to promote your Field Day activation.

9:15 AM-10:15 AM — Room 1

Amateur Radio Disaster and Emergency Communications Panel

Moderator: Mike Corey, KI1U, ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager

Hear from representatives of Amateur Radio's largest organizations which are active during times of disaster and emergency. Speakers:

Rob Macedo, KD1CY, VOIP WX Net and VOIP Hurricane Net

Julio Ripoll, WD4R, Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center, WX4NHC

Paul English, WD8DBY, US Army MARS

David Stapchuk, KD9DXM, US Air Force MARS

Bobby Graves, KB5HAV, Hurricane Watch Net

Bill Feist, WB8BZH, SATERN




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