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ARRL Sections - West Virginia

West Virginia

West Virginia

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West Virginia
Dan Ringer K8WV
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February 29, 2024       
Dan Ringer, K8WV
West Virginia Section Manager


Hamfest season is starting! Below you find the first 2 to register as
ARRL sponsored affairs for this season.. Both are long time activities
and well worth your attendance! 
Have you ever wondered how hamfests happen? Or Field Day? Or a holiday
dinner? Or club meetings? It’s not by accident. I frequently hear hams
complain about what’s NOT happening, or the way things ARE  happening.
But the one thing the complaining people typically have in common is
that they are not club officers, or Field Day chairs, or event
organizers. They may well be nice people otherwise but when it comes to
working for their club they are absent. But that’s not you. Or is it?
Most clubs are anxious to grow, to recruit new members, to get younger
people involved. But how?
We all serve as an example for others to emulate. But what kind of
example? Good or bad? Or just indifferent?  


Is your club an ARRL Affiliated Club and/or a Special Service Club? If
so, you MUST update your club’s information with the League every year
for Affiliated Clubs and every 2 years for Special Service Clubs. It’s
EASY! For Affiliated Clubs go to For
Special Service Clubs just go to


03/09/2024 - Charleston Area Hamfest 
Location: Beni Kedem Temple, 100 Quarrier St., Charleston, WV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Charleston Area Hamfest & Computer Show Inc

05/05/2024 - Jackson County ARC Hamfest 
Location: Ripley, WV
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Jackson County ARC
Would your group or club like to host an ARRL WV Convention? Contact for more information!

If your group is planning a Hamfest, flea market or any similar
activity, be sure to list it with the ARRL so that everyone interested
can learn or it and participate.


As of February 5, 2024

William D Marconi, KE8ZXJ, Alderson, WV 24910-9593
Kyle Monroe, KE8ZXA, Elkview, WV 25071-7995
Joseph M Hoskins, AD8LW, Charleston, WV 25312-7864
Benjamin Scott, KE8ZWP, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425-3581
Beth A Wood, KE8ZUJ, Colliers, WV 26035-1663
Kevin Vannoy, KE8ZZI, Davisville, WV 26142-8817
Kevin W Vannoy, KE8ZZF, Davisville, WV 26142-8817
John M Hescht, KE8ZVJ, Williamstown, WV 26187-0372
Terry W Riffle, KE8ZZH, Flemington, WV 26347-6372
Anita T Simpson, KF8AAH, Glenville, WV 26351-1344
Frederic L Channell, KE8ZUX, Lumberport, WV 26386-8357
Michael L Whelchel, KF8AAM, Salem, WV 26426-8154
Matthew Bartenschlag, KE8ZWD, Morgantown, WV 26504-4694
Zachery T Martin, KE8ZYQ, Albright, WV 26519-7107
John F Vincent, KE8ZVU, Albright, WV 26519-7448
Martin M Borror, KE8ZWJ, Kingwood, WV 26537
Matthew V Weaver, KE8ZVT, Reedsville, WV 26547-7079
Derrick C Matheny, KE8ZVD, Fairmont, WV 26554
Derek J Scritchfield, KE8ZZG, Fairmont, WV 26554-5341
Reilly Q Wolfe, WV8RQW, Keyser, WV 26726-8656

Congratulations! Welcome to the greatest hobby on Earth!!
And congratulations, too, to the VE’s who made these exam sessions
CLUB PRESIDENTS: See someone above from your county? Invite them to a
club meeting! Get them on the air and involved! (Addresses can be found


Unfortunately, WV hams have been seriously restricted in our ability to
engage in public service events during the past couple of years, or to
do much other than operate. So, it’s more important than ever to let
people know what we do to be ready to respond when help is needed!  The
positions of Public Information Officers and Emergency Coordinators are
designed to fill these needs. Please consider volunteering!


Each ARRL affiliated club should have a designated Public Information
Officer (PIO)! Basically, the PIO is the club public relations officer,
and is nominated by their club and appointed by the Section Manager. You
can read the official position description at  



We have several openings for Emergency Coordinators. Ideally, we would
have one in each county. It is a serious position. You can read about it

Basic requirements: Technician-class license or higher; full ARRL
membership, and achievement of Level 3 qualifications. (Must, within the
period of 1 year, from the issuance of this document or appointment as
EC, whichever comes later, or such further time period as authorized by
the SM, complete all of the requirements for Level 3 qualification.)

In addition to the basic requirements it is important that an EC make a
good impression when dealing with governmental officials, have excellent
speaking and writing skills, work well with others as both a leader and
a follower, and make monthly, timely reports to the SEC. Contact for more information.

**  CLUBS!

Are you looking for a club? Contact Spence Graham,
He’s the Section Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC). He’ll hook you
up an ARRL Affiliated club or clubs close to you. You can also go to the
West Virginia State Amateur Radio Council (WVSARC) website and check "Club Contact for new members." It
lists some clubs that are not ARRL Affiliated.
If there isn’t a club near you, and you’d like to start one, we can
help with that. Don’t know how to organize a club? We can help with
that, too! Contact


If you’re planning your club’s program schedule, and would like to
have a WV Section ARRL Official present a program, send a request with
the necessary date/time information to We’ll get
something set up! Want to do it by Zoom? We can schedule that for you!


No one person can coordinate all the activities involved with the
West Virginia Section. Here are the volunteers who make it happen, with
the assistance of many others.

Section Manager				
Dan Ringer. K8WV 

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) 		
Spencer Graham, WT8WV
Assistant Section Manager (ASM)		
Mark Charles Kraham, W8CMK 
Michael E. Maxson, W8SI

Public Information Coordinator (PIC)                      
Patrick Clark, K8TAC
Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)		
Ed Messenger, N8OYY
State Government Liaison (SGL)			
Section Traffic Manager (STM)			
Kenneth D. Caplinger, WV8KDC

Section Youth Coordinator			

Technical Specialist (TS)			
Randy Crowe, N8OZY
Rich Clemens, KB8AOB

ARRL West Virginia Section
Section Manager: Dan Ringer, K8WV


West Virginia Officials

  • Dan Ringer

    Section Manager,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Dan Ringer K8WV

  • Nathaniel Burdette

    State Government Liaison

    Nathaniel A. Burdette WV8NAB

  • Michael Maxson

    Assistant Section Manager

    Michael E. Maxson W8SI

  • Edward Messenger

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Edward J. Messenger N8OYY

  • Charles Kraham

    Assistant Section Manager

    Charles Mark Kraham W8CMK

  • William Howard

    Section Youth Coordinator

    William W. Howard WV8WH

  • Kenneth Caplinger

    Section Traffic Manager

    Kenneth D. Caplinger WV8KDC

  • Michael DeHaan

    Assistant Section Manager

    Michael L. DeHaan KD8ZMV

  • Spencer Graham

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Spencer W. Graham WT8WV


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