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  • Additional Call Signs

    How to manage additional call signs in TQSL

  • Old Call Signs - Additional Calls - Contest Calls

    You may request Call Sign Certificates for other calls that you hold or have held in the past.

    Note: This is not the procedure for club call signs.  If you are the trustee of a club call sign the LoTW account must remain seperated from your personal call sign account.  See the section on Club Call Signs and QSL Managers.
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  • New Call Sign - Vanity Call Sign - Changed Call Sign

    If you have received a new vanity call or had your primary call sign changed simply request a certificate for your new call sign. 

    After you upload the certificate request use the username request form to inform the Logbook of The World staff  that you changed your primary call and you would like your LoTW username to be changed as well. 

    You will not wait for a postcard for this action to happen.  You will be notified when the name change has occured.

    Your logon password will not changed.

  • Renewing Your Call Sign Certificate

    TQSL Call Sign Certificates are valid for three years.  Users will be notified several months prior to a certificate's expiration.  A Call Sign Certificate may be renewed at anytime.

    To check when a certificate expires see the next section "Determining When a Callsign Certificate Will Expire"
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  • Determining When a Callsign Certificate Will Expire

Third Party Call Signs


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