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What was I listening today ?

Feb 17th 2013, 23:32


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This afternoon around 3-4pm CST, I was playing with my newly
purchased Flex 1500 radio & a 35ft random wire in the attic.

I was tuned into 14.263 USB mode and receiving voice. I'm
a newbie so I'm slow to copy call signs. It sounded like a organized
Sunday afternoon thing. There was a moderator calling out
making contacts, referring to call districts and so on. I think
it was based out of the DWF area. For the most part it was a
one sided conversation... the moderator. I was able to listen
into a few where I could hear the other guy. One was based out of Waverly, Ohio WO8A (I think).

What was I listening to ?

Feb 18th 2013, 03:45


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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You were listing to a "net". There are many of them that usually meet at a specific time and frequency and day of week. If you listen long enough, the "net control" station will usually say the name of the net, asking for new "check ins" etc. As usual, Google is your friend. Google "14.263 net", for example. Many nets have web pages, and there are some (incomplete) directories of nets, like

73 Martin AA6E

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