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RM-11828 Mar 31st 2019, 11:21 2 6,234 on 3/5/19
Parity Bill Dec 3rd 2016, 12:51 4 7,039 on 6/8/18
Starting over? Mar 5th 2016, 15:38 2 5,900 on 7/3/16

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RM-11828 K1OIK on 31/3/19
My submission to the FCC on RM-11828: (ARRL proposal to give Technicians more frequencies just because:
I am licensed as K1OIK. My daughter passed the technician Plus when she was eight years old. Anyone wanting the privileges the ARRL seeks merely needs to study to bring themselves to the level of a third grader. Sadly we are in a society where in all too many cases people want privileges with out earning them. I got my license the old fashioned way, I earned it. The primary reason the ARRL advances this proposal is they see their membership declining and will water down the amateur radio service to keep themselves afloat.
The question is will the FCC be an accomplice to the ARRL in making an amateur license nearly worthless?
Parity Bill K1OIK on 4/8/18
Speak for myself? Who else am I going to speak for?
Did you not choose to live there?
Parity Bill K1OIK on 3/12/16
Sent to Senator Bill Nelson
Thank you for contacting our office. We appreciate receiving your input.
For your records, the following information has been submitted:
Date: 12/03/2016
Name: Mr. Burt Fisher
163 Cotuit Rd
Sandwich MA, 02563

Subject: S.1685 - Amateur Radio Parity Act
Do not let this out of committee for a vote. Keep your hold on it. I am a radio amateur (K1OIK). It is an attempt by the American Radio Relay League to abrogate agreements reached in good faith by Homeowners Associations. Radio amateurs are no longer what they once were, they invent nothing and the tests are so easy a child can and has passed the exam. Listen on the amateur bands and most of what you here is 30 second contacts (contests) where amateurs provide false signal reports. The frequencies are a vast wasteland.
Starting over? K1OIK on 5/3/16
A friend of mine who let his General license lapse in the late 60s wants to get back, must he start all over?

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