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Missing something basic here... Jul 1st 2018, 15:01 4 5,689 on 3/7/18

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Missing something basic here... zahnarzt on 1/7/18
I'm trying to modulate with voice. That is, I'm holding down the transmit button and speaking. Am I missing something else?

Thanks in advance.
Missing something basic here... zahnarzt on 1/7/18
I've used radio for long range UAS and video operations for about 10 years or so now and just now picked up a cheap Chinese BTECH UV-5X3 just for yucks because I don't care to pay $400 for something I probably won't use much. I either have a bad radio or am missing something very simple here. I have a handheld receiver that I've used for years, works great, and when attempting to test the new radio in simplex mode, I don't hear anything on the other receiver other than a little quieting of the noise when I turn the receiver's squelch all the way down. Letting up on the transmit button makes the noise on the receiver go back to normal. Any ideas before I send this thing back?

Thanks in advance!

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