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QST as Downloadable PDF w4msl on 15/3/18
Todays user do expect to view the content across multiply platforms, the need for a Windows App or maybe enable the content to be available in Kindle app for desktops. I read a lot of my books in Kindle or Nook for windows apps now. Very nice apps when you do not have internet connection you can still read.

If I can find some time I might look at the old CD's and see if I can write something to read and work like the old software. Will have to find an CD reader..
QST as Downloadable PDF w4msl on 13/3/18
I would like to see a QST application for Windows 10 or at least allow QST to be read in the Kindle App for Windows.. They allow the books be read in the Kindle App for Windows.
QST in electronic format KB0HAE on 10/5/12
Hi all,
Reading my June issue, very excited. I wonder if they are going to have a reader for the Nook? I do plan on reading the issues with my Samsung Windows 7 tablet, figure I can use the windows reader.

Also notice the 1997 to 2011 articles are not available yet? Do I need to log out and back end to access those? June 2012 issues stated those were ready.

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