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Horizontal Delta Loop Feed Point Aug 7th 2022, 12:11 1 3,025 on 7/8/22
Balun Basics Mar 2nd 2012, 05:05 7 9,970 on 13/4/12

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Horizontal Delta Loop Feed Point W4WCS on 7/8/22
I have put up a Horizontal Delta Loop long enough for full wave at 80 meters. It has been up for almost a year. I did not tune it to the perfect length. I use it primarily at 20 meters and it works fine. I fed it at the center of one of the sides with ladder line to a balanced tuner. SWR is good. One thing I could never find is the best feed point. Is better to feed at a corner? Or the center as I did? And finally does this have any big impact on directivity.

Balun Basics W4WCS on 3/3/12
Thanks Zack
I did not know there was that much antenna info on the website.
Shame on me for bad Searching!
Great advice!
Very helpful!
Balun Basics W4WCS on 2/3/12
Thanks for that info Zack.
I am trying to digest it.
I was thinking about a multi band center fed wire dipole.
What would you recomend in that case with coax feed?
Balun Basics W4WCS on 2/3/12
I got my General a while back. Finally getting into HF!
Bought a FT-857D and researching antennas and tuners.

My sitiation is such that I need to use my attic for my antenna farm:)

I am considering several wire dipoles and possibly a loop tied to an automatic tuner. MFJ-993B or a remote tuner. Oh and COAX for the moment.

I can figure everything out except BALUNS.........!!!!!!!!
I see the purpose, prevent rf from feeding back down the shield, balance between the coax and dipole.

BUT........why a 1:1 or 4:1 or current????? I have no idea what I need and why????

There has to be a good tutorial somewhere? I just cant find it..
HELPPPP and thanks in advance.

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