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LOTW Award turnaround Apr 2nd 2012, 10:37 4 8,433 on 21/4/12

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LOTW Award turnaround wc5b on 21/4/12
It was for a WAS Basic, but there is no forum for WAS so I posted it here. It did come today! So its all good, but it took about 2 months, not 1 week. LOL Well, at least I know now so I wont worry next time. Thanks Zack.
LOTW Award turnaround wc5b on 18/4/12
Still waiting now after a month. How long does it normally take or should I be calling someone?
LOTW Award turnaround wc5b on 2/4/12
I was just wondering what the average turnaround is for awards processed in the LOTW system. I applied quite a few days ago and have not received any news. Just was wondering what the average wait time is. Thanks.
Help for a blind Ham PA3GHT on 23/3/12
If you get this information please contact me. I have a new ham friend with the same exact questions. We run HRD hear at my shack that he uses and i would love to set it up where he can use it independent.
ATT UVERSE Interference WA2EXZ on 20/3/12
I have very limited issues with my Internet getting kicked when on 80M. This I think is due to it running very close to that coax coming into the house. I am hoping that moving the entry point into the shack apart will help, or maybe shielding the CAT5 of the Uverse line better. That being said, it will not sway me to change back for ANYTHING! I love Uverse. It has been a great product for me. Quality of service, customer service, and rapid on site repair. Totally satisfied. Hope you figured your problem out.

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