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LOTW is broken May 15th, 08:32 4 1,050 on 18/5/24
LOTW not processing logs Jan 16th 2022, 06:44 2 3,900 on 16/1/22

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LOTW down now for a month KF9UG8365@GMAIL.COM on 14/6/24
I totally agree with you about LOTW. Right when I got my ticket they were having a 10m thing going on and you had to use LOTW to get it. So I joined up and have been submitting logs ever since. The last time I was able to check my status on confirmations was the 10th of May and it stood at nearly 21 thousand confirmed contacts and I only needed two more on 20m for 6 bands DXCC. I have since logged at least 6 more DXCC on QRZ so I can only hope that some day myself and those I have worked will be able to submit logs to LOTW. If we were at least given some reason for it being down that made some since maybe then we could feel better about it. I am only 1 year away from the time I have been waiting for, lifetime membership status. Sure hope I can still convince myself that there is a reason to make that leap.
LOTW is broken ontheradio on 15/5/24
Since 11:00 GMT today I have not been able to get into LOTW, don't know what time it might have gone down....
LOTW not processing logs ontheradio on 16/1/22
It has been fixed and is now processing files again!!
LOTW not processing logs ontheradio on 16/1/22
Really couldn't find a good place to post this but it appears that files are no longer being processed that have sent to LOTW since 17:58 yesterday.

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