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Antenna mount on metal pole barn? KD9KLB on 18/3/18
Just getting started in the world of ham radio and I am considering building my ham shack in a corner of my 50' X100' metal pole barn that I have finished off and heated and air conditioned. I was hoping to utilize the height of the barn which is about 21' high at the top of the gabled end, mounting about 6' of a 16' mast to the side of the barn and having the remaining 10' above the peak of the roof with the bottom of the antenna about 31' above the ground. This would allow me to attach either a j-pole or Comet GP-3 antenna that would be above the metal barn roof that I would use for 2m and 70cm communication. I live in a pretty wide open rural farm area with nothing but corn fields all around me with a few trees in my yard 470 feet above sea level.
My questions are:
What will be the issues, if any, installing the antenna above the metal roof and what antenna would be the better choice or different antenna than the two mentioned that I should consider?

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