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Protecting ham equipment from EMP kd2jip on 14/7/16
I found this old thread related to EMP:

I'm starting this new thread in hopes of learning more about whether there is a market among ham operators for high-end anti-static bags that could be used to protect equipment from EMP.

The bags would be constructed of a fabric that provides high attenuation figures over the range of frequencies that would be present in an EMP attack. I would have prototypes tested to verify that my design doesn't diminish these attenuation properties under EMP conditions.

My hope would be that many ham operators would use bags like this to put backup equipment into storage, so that in the aftermath of a survivable EMP attack, radio communications could be re-established to provide some level of communication if conventional communications are wiped out. Ideally, repeater stations and HT operators as well as HF operators would employ bags like this. Backup power sources that employ solar battery charging would also need to be made available for post-EMP-attack use through this kind of protection.

I've been using bags that I made for my own portable equipment for several months, so I know that they're durable and abrasion resistant. I have a lot of confidence in the material and my construction, and I will invest in some level of certification if the potential market supports such an investment.

The material is expensive, so these bags would not be cheap--I haven't done any cost analysis, but my guess at this point is that the selling price of each bag would be in the neighborhood of $50.00 to $100.00. I would size them to order.

Would anyone in this forum view bags like this as a worthwhile investment?

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