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Strain Relief on Long Wire Antenna Oct 7th 2020, 08:14 3 4,348 on 7/10/20

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Strain Relief on Long Wire Antenna KN4YIL on 7/10/20
Thanks Mark!

Matt, KN4YIL
Strain Relief on Long Wire Antenna KN4YIL on 7/10/20
I just upgraded to General and I'm setting up my first HF rig.

I have purchased a ICOM AH-4 remote antenna tuner. I'm getting ready attach an end-fed long wire to it, and I don't want the terminal of the tuner to take the strain of the wire pulling on it.

My thought was to attach an insulator by passing about a foot of the antenna wire through one end an insulator, twisting it back upon itself, and soldering it. The one foot extension would then be attached to the tuner. (Hopefully this makes sense)

Will having that loop in wire degrade the performance of the antenna, or will the signal simply bypass the loop? I'm completely open to suggestions if anyone can offer something.

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