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Pl259 Grounding Jan 5th 2022, 05:48 2 3,744 on 5/1/22
Dipole Dec 30th 2021, 14:22 2 5,410 on 30/12/21

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Pl259 Grounding KO4VLR on 5/1/22
Need some help. Looking for a male-male pl259 ground apparatus. I see all kinds of so called lighting arrestors but as I understand it these ground the core in the event of a surge. Is there a commercially available coax ground that grounds the shield? If so anyone got a link?

Or if I am thinking about it wrong, how do you ground a coax at the entrance of the house?

Thanks !

Dipole KO4VLR on 30/12/21
I am installing a 50 Ohm dipole to a 50 Ohm Radio. Do I

1. Still need a Balun, and
2. Should I ground the dipole? It will be mounted via brackets to the brick on my house.


Steve KO4VLR

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