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End Feed Antenna Wire May 10th 2012, 03:57 6 9,008 on 29/5/12

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End Feed Antenna Wire KC7AJL on 29/5/12
Thanks for everyone's input. Single end fed may be the only way to go, due to the homes layout there is no opportunity for a counter poise for a vertical, or room in the attic for a wire. I may go with a low cost vertical at the rear of the house just to see what comes back at me from the HOA. Stay tuned and thanks again.
End Feed Antenna Wire KC7AJL on 10/5/12
New to Ham Radio, 73 years old, not real technical by any means and live in a HOA restricted complex. So restricted the "HOA Committee" uses dental floss as toilet paper. End of jokes, but a serious question. What is the possibility using a single end fed wire antenna and RX/TX effects on HF, but limited to a max of 80 feet in length with a ninety degree bend in the center. 40' running east to west and then 40' north to south along our property line? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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