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Band Plan Clarification Apr 8th 2016, 15:55 3 4,817 on 20/4/16

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Band Plan Clarification AD5XJ on 12/4/16
What? ? ? Not even a post from the ARRL staff ? ? ? So how are we supposed to make the right decisions?
Band Plan Clarification AD5XJ on 8/4/16
Here is the question on point. Can a Extra Class amateur (as an example) lawfully transmit MT-63 or OLIVIA in the voice / image segments of ham bands.

Using the ARRL current band plan it is not clear what is lawfully allowed. Since Digtal Voice is allowed and it is digital. So is SSTV and HDSSTV which are allowed. Not to mention ALE which is all over the place - all of which are digital modes.

Is it against the rules to transmit digital data (not necessarily or strictly image, or digital voice) in the voice / image segment of ham bands like 20 and 40?

Where is the restriction and what is the demarcation according to the FCC r&r.?

It is clear regular use of voice frequencies for data would be annoying and unnecessary. But in the case of an emergency (national or regional) it is not clear if that objection is valid assuming deliberate interference is not intended.

Also address bandwidth restrictions for digital modes. Are there any and where is this spelled out in the band plan chart.

de AD5XJ

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