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Feeding a 3 element vetical array Oct 27th 2015, 21:49 2 5,068 on 28/10/15

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160 Loop SIZE358 on 28/10/15
Don't use a balun. Feed with window line. I have used a 540' since 1988 to a Johnson Matchbox. Tunes all bands 80-10 and 160 with a Dentron (balun) tuner. VERY effective low loss DX-getter.
Feeding a 3 element vetical array W3RMO on 27/10/15
I know one should feed the 3 element vertical array with binomial current distribution per the Antenna Handbook guidelines. What if you don't? You would have some pattern in directions which could be to some advantage. Can anyone find the model of a 40 meter version fed with equal lengths of feed line and equal current? I've looked. Thanks !

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