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G5RV Antenna Question N5ERV on 25/5/16
I won't have an opportunity to install a 5' or 10' mast on top of the tower since I plan to install a Comet GP-6 dual band vertical (2 meter/70 centimeter) on top. I need to determine how much wind load the GP-6 and G5RV will add to the tower and then evaluate placement of some guying to the 40' tower.
G5RV Antenna Question N5ERV on 22/5/16
I have been an inactive ham since the late 70s/early 80s. I would like to install a MFJ-1778 G5RV antenna from a 30' Rohn 25-G antenna tower. The former owner of this home had a TV antenna on the tower. It is mounted in/on a concrete base but has never been guyed.

The antenna instructions say the "antenna must be more than 35" above ground level to give acceptable performance, and should be as high as 80 ' for the best overall performance."

Given that information, I'm thinking I should add 1 or 2 more 10' sections to the tower, taking it up to 40' or 50'. It I do that, I'll have to guy the 40' or 50' tower and probably have to rework the concrete base.

Do any of you have experience with the G5RV antenna and have any recommendations about tower height, etc.? I do not want to go above 50' in tower height. Depending on the antenna orientation I decide on, the ends of the 51' antenna sections will probably be terminated in nearby trees.
Ground Rod Location, etc. N5ERV on 17/5/16
I am a "come-back" ham radio operator who has not been on the air since the late 70s/early 80s. My current home has a 30' Rohn 25G tower that the prior owner had for her TV antenna. It is in excellent shape. I may replace all of the bolts but I can see no rust from the ground.
I plan to put a Comet GP-6 2 146/446 MHz dual band vertical on top of the tower and hang a MFJ-1778 (10-80 meter G5RV) antenna from the tower and terminate the ends of the antenna in with rope to nearby trees.
The "ham shack" is a spare room located about 45 feet away from the base of the tower. I get the coax to the "shack" either through the attic of the home or come into the house through the exterior wall.
There is an existing ground rod at the base of the tower. My question is how far away from the transceivers should the ground rods be? I can easily install one or more rods just outside the "shack." I could either run ground strap through the wall of the house or come the window. Through the wall is aesthetically more desirable since I can hide the wall penetration behind the central air conditioning unit just outside the "shack."
Any advice you might have for a technologically-challenged ham will be appreciated.

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