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Need Current (Sep/Oct) issue of QEX Sep 16th 2013, 21:48 2 5,012 on 16/9/13

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Need Current (Sep/Oct) issue of QEX w6ivw on 16/9/13
I have a copy, so have stopped looking.

For those of you who don't subscribe to QEX but repair old radios, the article describes a simple but effective ESR meter for checking electrolytics. Don't let the title scare you if you don't have a suitable degree; the article is easy to read. I am going to build this meter.
Jim, w6ivw
Need Current (Sep/Oct) issue of QEX w6ivw on 16/9/13
I managed to lose my current (Sep-Oct '13) issue of QEX - Can I order a replacement from ARRL? Since it isn't a back issue, possibly one is still available.

I’m particularly interested in W0PCE’s article “Frequency Dependence of Equivalent Series Resistance Measurement” on page 25, and a copy of that article would suffice if I cannot get a replacement issue. I have no objection to purchasing the issue or article.

Thanks, Jim

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