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Screw-driver Antenna Problem Oct 25th 2011, 01:33 3 5,717 on 13/11/11

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Screw-driver Antenna Problem ka9llu on 13/11/11
To Alan, thanks for your input, but I did get the problem solved.
And yes it would tune 75M, but the swr was 3:1 or higher.
Thank-you, again.

Screw-driver Antenna Problem ka9llu on 25/10/11
I have an older model factory-built(unknown mfgr) screwdriver antenna, that at one time would tune all H-F bands. I recently brought it out of storage, cleaned it, and replaced the finger-stock, and it now only tunes on 40M and up. No 75-80M at less than 3:1 SWR.
This model is built with 2" copper tube and has a balun inside between the SO-239 conn. and the antenna tube.
Any suggestions to get this to tune on 75-80M would be greatly appreciated.

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