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Frequency Measurement Test Feb 26th 2021, 12:57 2 4,492 on 26/2/21
10 Mhz Reference Frequency Hardware Nov 4th 2019, 08:11 4 4,912 on 4/11/19

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Frequency Measurement Test W4EDX on 26/2/21
Is there any plans to conduct an FMT in the spring of 2021 ?
Thank you.
10 Mhz Reference Frequency Hardware W4EDX on 4/11/19
Thanks Bob:

I will bring that QST issue up.

Tried to bring it up but it says it is not available.
I will try a Google search on the Mfg.

10 Mhz Reference Frequency Hardware W4EDX on 4/11/19
Tried to post this on 11/3 but I was not logged in so it probably was not accepted, sorry.

Need help in purchasing hardware that will be used to provide a reference signal at 10 Mhz. for my transceiver and also useful with my other test equipment. Would appreciate input for individuals who have hardware up and running. I see various sources and many different models. I would like a GPS locked device. Also I want a "one box" device, power in, antenna in, reference signal out. I see a few that seem to be constructed that way but need a real users input.
Thanks and 73's

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